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Advanced Folder Safe Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Can i use Advanced Folder Safe to protect my business data?

Yes, Advanced Folder Safe provide high levels of security and you can use it at home or business.

Can the encrypted archive files be cracked if accessed under another operating systems like linux?

No, Advanced Folder Safe encrypted files cannot be cracked under any operating systems.

What about lockers when lock a new folder with Advanced Folder Safe?

The locker is a unique id for a system folder (system folder example: control panel), when apply the locker to the normal folder, the folder will be converted to a system folder.

Are the locked folders get unlocked after uninstall the Advanced Folder Safe?

No, you must unlock all of your protected folders before uninstalling the Advanced Folder Safe.

If i install new copy of windows,is it possible to access the protected folders?

No, your folders cannot be accessed.

What file extension will the encrypted archive have when it is saved on my computer?

The encrypted archive is shown as a *.MLFX files.

I have forgotten my password, what can i do?

The password recovery feature available for registered users only.

can i use Advanced Folder Safe to encrypt my images and vedios?

Yes, you can encrypt any file types with our software.

Can Advanced Folder Safe used to encrypt my office documents ?

Yes, you can encrypt all office documents (excel, powerpoint, word, access,...) with Advanced Folder Safe.

After I create an encrypted archives, I see the original files, what should i do?

If you want, You can delete all original files, you can get all files back by decrypt the encrypted archives with Advanced Folder Safe program.

Can anyone able to unlock the locked folders if moved to another computer?

No, no one can unlock Advanced Folder Safe protected folders without the valid password, even the protected folders moved to another computers.

Can i use the program to encrypt my email message?

Yes, you can.

Does Advanced Folder Safe works on Windows7/Vista/2003 Server/XP/2000?

Yes, it support all windows versions.

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