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MTE Desktop Locker Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Can we use desktop locker to save PCs at our company?

Yes, you can use our desktop locker software at your business.

Can anyone able to close mte desktop locker using the task manager program?

No, mte desktop locker prevent access to the task manager application, and prevent access to (CTR+ALT+DEL) .

I want to download more virtual desktop for the software, what should i do?

Please go to the following page.

Are the software record mouse clicks on the locked desktop?

Yes, mte desktop locker provide the log features for mouse clicks and invalid password input.

Can i set the message to show when someone try to access my desktop?

Yes, from the options dialog you can set your custom message easy.

Can i prevent the unlock dialog from show when someone try access my locked desktop from more security?

Yes, from the options dialog you can set shortcut key for unlock dialog.

Does mte desktop locker support Windows7/Vista/2003 Server/XP/2000?

Yes, it support all windows versions.

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